THE POX and PUSS PODCAST : An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Experience
51 - Trail Days 2015

Welcome to our third annual Trail Days show!

If you’ve heard our past Trail Days episodes, you know this is not our typical show.
Every year we set up our 10x10 tent in front of MoJoe’s Trail Side Café so we can meet and interview thru-hikers.
For some reason this year the crowds on the North side of town were a little bit thin.
Usually you can hear people all around us, talking, shouting, playing some weird instrument.
We’re always able to grab a few people from the crowd so we can talk with them.
This year…not so much.
Luckily we had two people lined up to talk with us; our Australian friend “Superfeet” and long-time P&P listener “Too Loud”.

Here are a few things we talk about in this episode:
Venomous vs. Poisonous

Paul Hogan throws a shrimp on the barbie

 Jermaine from Outback

A Trail Angel named Courtesy stops by to say hello

Another Episode where Pox’s Heart Grew Three Sizes!

Australians Love Lamb

Bears in the Smokies decimate some section hiker backpacks

Bay Pride!

“Too Loud” runs into a turkey.

Puss tells us about her “5 Hour Energy” routine.

Obviously I have barbecue and food on my mind in this episode….sorry.

You’ll hear us talk with people off mic as they come up to say hello or buy a t-shirt.

Please visit  AppTrials, sign up for the Thru-Hiker register, and when you’ve completed the trail, send Zach Good Badger Davis your summit photo so we can share it  with the world.

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