THE POX and PUSS PODCAST : An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Experience

This is a warts-and-all episode.
People have been asking us just to release the 2016 Trail Days interviews as-is…so here’s part one of six (or maybe seven?)

Every year we set up in front of MoJoe’s Trailside Café we seem to interview at least one non-American. 2016 was no exception: Samsquatch is from the U.K.

His girlfriend, Jade, didn’t want to talk.
So she did what any good thru-hiker would do…she went to get some food.

As a reminder, this was the year that Puss was violently ill and suddenly got sick inside of her car on the way to Trail Days.
Through a friend, Puss met Samsquatch and his “Trail Family” the night before, so we were expecting him to come talk with us.


Another easy Visa story.

Tennis, Football and Rugby queue-ing

PEcan vs. PeCAN

Samsquatch has to be the first person to ever call Gatlinburg “the greatest place ever”.

Huge American portions!

Red Velvet Belches

Sweet Tea and Grits

Someone gets locked inside a Dollar General bathroom.

A story about Too Loud makes an appearance.

And these nerds play Dungeons & Dragons on the Appalachian Trail.

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